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Q: "On my Activity Panel, my activity has a Status of 'LINKED' and is highlighted blue on the Activity Header. What do I need to do?"

A: This question indicates that the Activity View may have been changed on the Activity panel to "View N: All Notes". If you press F22 for Select/Panel/View, you have the option of changing the Activity Panel Format, which is the view of activities. From the next menu, select either the number '1' or the letter 'A' and this will change the view back to "View A: Activities + Notes." Another method is to hit the comma (",") key to toggle between the "View A: Activities + Notes" and "View N: All Notes."

Q: "When I press 'D' for 'Dial a call,' an activity bar appears on the activity panel of my record, but when I press 'T' for 'Take a call,' there is no bar. How can I change this so an activity bar appears and I can type a note?"

A: This indicates that system option 8 is set to a 'Y' so you can perform an 'H' to 'Hang-up' on any record you go to. If you would like the activity bar to appear on the record while the timer is still on, you need to change this system option to an 'R,' which allows you to return to the record you performed the 'Take a call' from, whether you've gone to another record or not. Please see your ActionWare System Administrator to have them change it for you. They may .refer to the System Administration Guide for instructions on how to change System Options.

Q: "When I'm working on an activity based from a campaign targeted to another user, I select this activity from the other user's ToDo list, but when I go to another record and then try to get back to this campaign activity on the ToDo list, it's not there. What happened to it?"


A: When the campaign activity was selected from the ToDo list, it became locked. The system determined that this activity was generated through a campaign. All campaign activities are assigned a counter. When the user who selected this campaign activity went to another record, the activity was still locked but is no longer the current activity, so it will not appear in the ToDo list since it is still locked. The system decrements the counter that was assigned to the campaign activity every 10 minutes; when the counter reaches zero, the activity becomes free once again. This serves as a safeguard so that the activity cannot be found from the ToDo list in case the original user were to come back to the selected campaign activity. If they GoTo the record this campaign activity was created on, they will see it is still there on the record. An easier way to release this activity is to select another activity in place of the campaign activity.

Word Processing

Q: "When I try to revise a MS Word document, it looks like the document is going to open but I then get an error message that the 'Document Name or Path is not valid.' I checked and it is there in my shared folders. What's up with this?"

A: The most common answer to this problem is that the I drive (your shared folders) has not been connected to or is not mapped to the correct folder. Please verify the name of the folder that contains your document (our customers commonly use AW4/SHELL) and check to see if the I drive is mapped correctly. If your iSeries (AS/400) uses IFS (Integrated File System) then the I drive should be mapped to QDLS. If not, then the I drive should be mapped to the "Root" or the "System Name" of your iSeries (AS/400).


Q: "When I run a CONTACT/ACTIVITY filter, I take option F4 for a list and the same record always appears more than once. What's up?"

A: There are multiple activities that meet your filter criteria on the same record. To help this filtering process along, when creating a CONTACT/ACTIVITY filter you should use the Filter Type of Unique when creating your filter. This option will solve your problem and you should only see the record appear once in the list.

Q: "I've created a filter, but the records I want are not in the filter. I've checked the definition and still cannot seem to pull the right records. What am I doing wrong?"

A: This sounds like a syntax problem. Although it is very hard to pinpoint what line to change in the multiple line filter definition, it would help most if you narrowed down your research to each line in your filter definition to see that each line makes logical sense. Otherwise, there may not be any records in your database that meet the criteria in your definition.

Contact Records

Q: What controls how the system calculates the Primary ID (PID) when I add a new record?

A: ActionWare calculates a PID based on the words contained in the company name, using the following formula: remove un-essential words such as A, The, Company, Corporation, Inc, and, or, etc. Substitute abbreviated phrases for full word phrases (ND for North Dakota, IBM for International Business Machines, etc). Substitute abbreviated words for full words (CA for California, Univ for University, etc.). The system uses these name changes to then calculate the Primary ID using the 1st 6 characters of the 1st word and the 1st letter of the next two words.

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