Contacts and Activities

To understand contact activity management as it is performed in ActionWare, you should first understand the following four terms.

  1. Contacts: People we deal with. This can be anyone we work with, including co-workers in our own company, contacts in other companies, and individuals whose services we need from time to time.

  2. Activities: Events that occur between our contacts and us. This can be anything from a simple reminder to call someone back to a long list of instructions that a committee of people must complete.

  3. Coded Data: Information that computers can process and analyze efficiently and which can be stored in fields. Examples are names, addresses, due dates - in short, anything that can fit into a field and be coded by the computer.

  4. Non-coded Data: Information that is more free form, like notes. It is not designed for computer processing. An example would be directions to the company headquarters. Non-coded data is also called narrative data.