Database Structure

The term database usually refers to a collection of information or a base of data-hence the name data base. When the term database is used with computer applications, it can have several interpretations depending on the type of work you do. If you work with databases on midrange and mainframe computers, database usually refers to a large collection of data that can occupy many different files and groups of files.

If you work with databases on personal computers, the term generally refers to a single file of data or a small collection of files. When we work with ActionWare, we use the term database to refer to the larger concept of databases. In this sense, ActionWare is a database management system. It manages many different files that are grouped into libraries, each of which is accessible by ActionWare.

It is important to understand the structure of databases so you can view, enter and work with the information effectively. To do this, you should understand the following five terms.