Deleting Sample Records

You may delete the sample data from the ActionWare database at anytime prior to loading your own data. The following steps are needed to delete the sample data:

Step 1 Create a new record with PID=TEST.

The standard method for adding Contact records is to Press A for Add. This action will result in the following menu options:


Add a new . . .


Contact record

Press C for Contact record. This action will result in several menu options, Choose:


Select record to start with . . .

 What happens:


a Blank record

A new blank record is created

This action will result in several menu options, Choose:


Select required data layout. . .

What happens:


data layout #1

creates a record with a SID of . . in the 1st two positions

Back space to the PID field area in the upper lefthand corner of the screen. Type TEST in the PID field and Press Enter.

Step 2 Create a filter that will locate all sample records.

You will need to create a simple filter that contains all contact records not equal to a PID of TEST. Use the following key strokes to create the delete filter.



What happens:


Other options

Other Options pop-up menu appears


run a Filter

Run-a Filter pop-up prompt window appear


for List

Select/Maintain Filters screen will appear



What happens:


Add then Run

The Filter Header screen will appear, once the Filter is finished it will be saved on the Select/Maintain Filers list and it will also be run immediately.

Filter Header Screen: This screen is used to Add a New Filter.

Fill in the word DELETE in the Filter ID prompt

Type Deleing Sample Records in the Description prompt

When you press enter the Filter Maintenance screen will be displayed.

Step 3 Use the filter to locate all sample records except the one with PID=TEST.

Filter Maintenance

and /or

include if field

position /length

upper case

compare type

compare number, or "characters" or &fieldName

or %V (dept) or %T (date) or %U (user id)








When you Press Enter the apostrophes will be automatically entered around the word TEST. Press Enter again to run the Filter.

Step 4 Delete the records selected by the filter.

The Other Options Menu is available when a filter is active. To access press O (Other) O (filter Options). Press O (Overlay) again.

Overlay Control: Great care must be taken in using overlay because, depending on your choices, it changes selected data on every contact record in your filter. If you don't know what you are doing than you could change data incorrectly and not be able to retrieve it. There is NO undo with overlay. Type PID in the Field to be changed prompt. Type the word DELETE in the As keyed > prompt. Press enter and the confirmation code prompt appears:

 Overlay Control

Key data and press Enter when ready


(Overlay may only be performed on Contact Fields)


Field to be changed: PID

Starting in character position: 1


Case translation (A/U/L/M): A



As keyed->: DELETE____________________________________________________

 --OR-- (: forces a space)


From field: ___

Start position: 1


Character count: ___

F4=prompt F12=cancel

Blank after (Y/N): N

(Once you Press Enter you will be prompted for a confirmation code:)





(Once you Press Enter after keying the confirmation code following is displayed)

Confirmation Code: This code is a combination of the current day and hour entered in DDHH format. It is derived from the date and time displayed in the upper righthand corner of the Overlay screen.

 If the date was 09/12/XX and the time was 09:33 than the confirmation code would be 1209 This example of the confirmation code is composed of 12, which is the day of the month (DD), and 09 which is the hour (HH) of the time.

Enter the appropriate confirmation code and Press enter. A display of the number of contact records deleted will appear. There should only be one contact record not changed. It will be the TEST contact record. You have completed deleting all sample contact records.


Counts: XX records changed


  0 records NOT changed

F8=another overlay F12=cancel