Implementing ActionWare

  1. Load the ActionWare live master distribution CD along with any licensed add-on product software.

  2. Assign a System Administrator to the software.

  3. Review the following sections in the User Guide to become familiar with the features and functions of ActionWare: (the User Guide is accessible on our ActionWare Website

ActionWare User Guide

Chapter 02

Chapter 04

Program Controls

GoTo Menu

Hot Keys




Function Keys

Adding Contact Records

Kid Menu

Changing Contact Records

Database Information

Changing Contact Records

Chapter 03

Deleting Contact Records

Contact Records

Chapter 05

Types of Records

Activity Lists

Data Layouts

Function Keys on Panel 7

Data Fields

Hot Keys on Panel 7

ActionWare System Fields

Chapters 06, 07, 08, 09, and 10

PID and SID Field Data

It is suggested that you read all topics

Using Listboxes


  1. Establish internal procedures to monitor your progress in developing your ActionWare system. This includes developing a Control Book to document your changes.

  2. Review the System Administrator's Guide completely

  3. Design your ActionWare database to correspond with your internal business processes.

  4. Create contact filters, queries, shell documents, listboxes, Activity Plans, Campaigns and Scripts for your users.

  5. Finish any additional database design configuration.

  6. Complete all links to external products you want to use with the system. For example, MSWI, Microsoft WORD Interface.

  7. Delete the sample data provided keeping one contact record. We suggest you use a PID of TEST for this purpose.

  8. Load existing live data or start entering new data.

  9. Create a training database using the production database design and a filtered group of live data.

  10. Train your users. Include your internal requirements and procedures as well as ActionWare functions.

  11. Delete the TEST contact record in your production database.