Propagate Attribute

Propagate is a field attribute setup by the System Administrator. This attribute is used by our programs when you change a contact record. The System Administrator will need to make a decision to group certain fields together so that if a user changes one of the fields in that group than all the fields for each contact record in the entire PID group will also be evaluated for change. The are four available Propagate groups, 1,2,3 and 4. These numbers are also the attribute value of the data field, value 0 is No propagation during a change of data.

A good example of using the attribute Propagate would be the data in address and telephone fields. If you are changing a contact record you would mostly likely want the address and telephone data to also change for all the contact records in a given PID group. Any field can be made to be propagate. Some other examples are customer or account number fields.

Depending how your System Administrator setup the propagate attribute for data fields, you will see four boxes at the bottom of the screen when you make a change to a data field (that has been designated propagate). These four boxes represent the grouping of like fields and will contain either a default value of N for No or Y for Yes. If you want to propagate the changes that you have made throughout every contact record in that PID group you will need to ensure that the boxes are updated to Y before you press Enter.

The System Administrator may require that all data field changes that require propagation be done on the first contact record in the PID group. To move to the first contact record in any PID Group all you need to do is press the = (equal) button on your keyboard. Once you have updated the four boxes to Y for Yes and pressed Enter, all records in that PID group will be changed to your new data.