The Configuration Menu

The Configuration Menu contains all of the programs that you will need to design your database. It is accessed from the ActionWare Main Menu.

To access the ActionWare Main Menu, from a command entry line:

Type AW4LM

Press Enter

To access the the Configuration Menu:

Option 5 Configuration Menu

Press Enter

Use this screen to work with the following options.

ActionWare Configuration Menu


AS/400 Functions

1. Define database layout


20. Display printers

10. Check if database files need rebuilding

21. Spool files

13. Full regeneration

22. Submitted jobs


23. Display messages

50. Define Reports Menu

24. Display job log


25. Send a message

91. Work with the active definition

26. System operator msgs

92. Archive the active definition


93. Work with archived definitions

30. Connect to Support

94. Restore an archived definition

31. Comm Line status

95. Restore the live definition

32. Controller status


98. Work with regeneration backup files

40. OfficeVision/400

Selection or command ===> ____________________________________________________________


 F3=Exit F4=Prompt F9=Retrieve F12=Cancel

F13=Information Assistant F16=AS/400 main menu

The options dealing with archived definitions are in the related topic:

The other relevant ActionWare options are:



What happens:


Define database layout

A work (prototype) screen appears


Check if database files need rebuilding

A system check of the FIEL is done to determine if a full rebuild of the file is required at regeneration. Useful because merely changing or repositioning a label in the design will not result in a complete rebuild of the file. This means that the regeneration will take a shorter amount of time.


Full regeneration

A Regeneration Prompt screen appears


Define Reports Menu

A Reports Menu Options Maintenance screen appears


Work with regeneration backup files

A Work with Backup Files screen appears

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