About Activities

Activities and activity notes are created and maintained on Contact Records and are displayed on Panel 7. The activity bar that represents an activity contains labels for the following data:

Activity Label Fields:

Data in these Fields:


Current Date of the Activity




The userID of the person who is supposed to perform the activity


The userID of the person who generates the activity


Priority and Urgency of the Activity


There are five types of activities, Action, Information, Question, Reply, Follow-up


How the activity is to be performed, Telephone, (Hard) document, fax document, Visit, and Internal activity


Eight character field where you can type any value to identify the activity or you can use a listbox.


Secondary ID of the contact record where the activity resides


Indicates the status of the activity, Pending, In progress, Completed, New Messages, Dropped


Displays an integer value that represents the number of increments each time the activity is changed.

When an activity is Pending it appears on the ToDo List of the Target User. The activity note are created under the activity bar. When created appear in a free form word compressed work screen that automatically enters a date and time stamp and a userID at the beginning of each note. It is not a word processor in that it does NOT have a spellchecker, but it is very easy to use. Activity notes can be of any length. The combination of activities and activity notes are a powerful tool for any user.