About Activity Plans & Campaigns

Activity plans provide the capability to add predefined activities to a single contact record. An activity plan is a group or series of activities that are performed in sequence to accomplish the goals of the plan. For example, you might create an activity plan to contact prospects. The series of steps involve calling the prospect, following up the call with a package of promotional literature, then following up a week or so later with another call to make sure the prospect received the mailed package. This plan consists of three activities: calling for the first time, mailing the literature kit, and following up with another call.

Campaigns combine the power to generate multiple activities using activity plans with the power to target multiple contact records using filters. An activity campaign combines a filter and an activity plan. The filter selects the records, and the activity plan determines the activity steps.

Using the same example as in activity plans, for a campaign you would create a filter of all prospects in a certain territory or area and use the activity plan example to create each of the three activities on all of the prospect contact records that result from using the filter.

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