Activity Notes

These are notes that are usually time dependent. They can be conversations, summaries of meetings, ideas for a customer, questions and answers on accounts to associates, or information from a vendor. The activity note appears in a free form word compressed work screen that automatically enters a date and time stamp and a userID at the beginning of each note. It is not a word processor in that it does NOT have a spellchecker, but it is very easy to use. Activity notes can be of any length.

Activity bars contain valuable data that you can easily view and use in a report. They are even more valuable when used in association with activity notes. An activity note is easy to create and it will appear under your chosen (highlighted) activity bar with an automatic data and time stamp. After the date and time stamp you can begin typing whatever information would best describe this activity. It may be a simple as a note to yourself about why you want to make a telephone call on this contact record or the activity note maybe the details of the telephone call. A place to keep whatever you would like for free form text information is what activity notes provide. Although the activity note programs do not have spellchecker or fancy wordprocesser formatting. Activity Notes do:

There are many uses for activity notes. If you are creating contact records for meetings within a department you would use an activity to record the date and time of the meeting and an activity note to record the minutes of the meeting. You could than easily create related activities to all attendees and those that couldn't attend so that all view what happened at the meeting. You could also create warranty or equipment records for your company using contact records. Creating information activities on these records with activity notes on manufacturer data and specifics of the condition of the equipment or when the warranty ends, perhaps even repair data, would be very beneficial.