Consolidating Activities, Using F7

One of the most powerful tools in viewing activities is the ability to consolidate Panel 7 for an entire PID group. The function key to perform a Consolidate is F7. It is a toggle on and off. Press F7 once and the word Consolidated appears in the lower lefthand bar on Panel 7, the activity screen. Consolidate will display ALL activities for any given PID group by activity date regardless of the SID (Secondary ID). In fact the SID header becomes highlighted so that you can easily identify activities by SID.

As in our example of an unrelated activity where we placed a telephone call to Dave Cunningham and recorded the results - using Consolidated (F7) on Dave's contact record for ABC Company you would be able to review all activities, all telephone calls made to anyone at ABC Company in chronological date order all on one screen. A toggle off using F7 a second time would only display activities for Dave Cunningham's contact record.

Quick Activity Locator can also be used in Consolidation mode. The function key is the same F7 on, F7 off. The result is that you may review a listing of all activities for a given PID group simply by being in Consolidation mode or by using F7 when on the Quick Activity Locator screen.