Contact Record Lists

Whenever you are on a contact record you can press the function key F4 to see a list of all contact records starting with the one you were viewing when you pressed F4. You can select any contact record on that list by using option 1 Select and pressing Enter. You will than be able to view your chosen contact record. You can also scroll or roll down that list for additional contact records. Try repositioning your cursor to the Position To prompt at the top righthand of the screen and keying new PID data, press Enter and the list of contact records will be redisplayed. Again, option 1 Select, press enter is an effective way to display your desired contact record.

The screen list that you see when you press F4 depends on what View and Sequence you are in when you are looking at a contact record. You will see different lists with View and Sequence are changed. Current View and Sequence is always displayed in the top screen bar on the lefthand side of the screen.