Contact Records

Contact records are database records designed to maintain information about contacts. A contact can be any person, company or item that you or your colleagues work with: individuals you communicate with, businesses that you use for services or that buy your products, and the products themselves.

The data kept in Contact records is completely decided by your System Administrator. They may include such things as:

The more contact data you maintain in your database, the better you're able to work with the information, especially when they are your customers.

Contact records are designed to maintain name and address information about people and businesses, as well as additional information that helps you define the person, company, product or project. If the contact is an individual at a company, you probably want to keep track of such things as their title, department, office telephone number, and similar information. If the individual is a co-worker in your own company, you might want to keep track of their birthday and other personal information.