Deleting Campaigns

Campaigns activities once they are created and completed are history and cannot be deleted. However, Campaign activities that are still Status PENDING maybe deleted by updating the Campaign and re-generating it to change ALL of the Campaign activities effected by your change.

To delete a Campaign:



What happens:


Other Options

the Other Options pop-up menu window appears


work with campaigns

the work with Campaign screen appears

The Work with Campaign screen appears and if there are any previous Campaigns that have been saved, they will be listed. The screen looks like this:

Work with Campaigns

Type option(s), press Enter

2=Change 4=Delete 7=Generate/Update






Customer Service calls. . . . . . .... .(example only)



NewsLetters to Customers . . . . . .(example only)







F3=exit . . .F5=refresh . . F6= create new Campaign . . . . F12=cancel

Use Option 2 next to the Campaign ID to be changed and Press Enter:


What happens:

4 & Press Enter

the Delete Campaigns screen appears:

Delete Campaigns

Press Enter to confirm your choice for 4=Delete

Press F12 to cancel.








Once you have confirmed that this is the Campaign that you wish to delete you must Press Enter to generate this request. You will see the following prompts, use ALL defaults, do not change any of the prompts:

 Campaign Update Prompt

Update Campaign: ______________

  Submit the process to batch

  For choice Y=Yes:

  Job Queue. . . . . . . .

  Library. . . . . . . .










 Y=Yes, N=No


  Name, *LIBL

A break message will occur on your session with the generation (compile) of the Campaign is complete. Press Enter to remove the message. If you examine the ToDo list of the selected target users in the Campaign you will see all of the campaign activities that were PENDING are not erased. Any original Campaign activities that had been completed prior to the change, will not deleted. They will remain as history on each contact record where they exist. The Campaign ID name will no longer exist on the Work with Campaigns screen.