Descriptive Notes

Descriptive notes are a way to post valuable non time sensitive information on a contact record without using an activity. Activity notes are a wonderful enchantment to activities however they are stored on a contact record in chronological date order. If you were to type a note detailing instructions on how to get to a customer's location in an activity - you would have to remember the date you completed that informational activity or sort through all activities on the contact record until you found that piece of information. Descriptive notes were designed to use as informational notes on a contact record without having to create an activity. If we were to continue to use our Dave Cunningham example. The fact the Dave is not available daily from 1:00pm to 2:00pm for a meeting is important information if you are trying to contact him. Descriptive notes are displayed on the screen in a different view than regular activities and their activity notes. You could easily view panel 7 in Descriptive Note mode and quickly read any informational details relating to Dave on his contact record. To add add a Descriptive Note on a contact record:


What happens:



Add a new prompt. . .



Add a Note . . .


Type Descriptive Note and Press enter when finished:

MM/DD/YY xx:xxa - userID - Dave is in a meeting everyday from 1pm to 2pm, he says that he is always free from 2:30pm to 3:30pm daily


Note Header

Note Type:


A= Activity note


D= Descriptive note

Note Code:




Press Enter


You have now created a Descriptive Note on Dave Cunningham's record concerning the best time to call him. The program automatically changes your view of Panel 7 to N for Activity Panel-View N: All Notes. The various Activity Panel Formats are explained in the following section along with how to view Descriptive Notes. For now, press , twice to revert to the standard Activity Panel-View A: Activities + Notes view.

Another way to create a Descriptive Note is to Press L. This way saves you one key stroke and acts in the same way as A (Add) N (Note).