Filter Statistics Screen

To view filter statistics: Press: I (as in Information) This opens an Information screen with statistics. The middle portion of the screen displays active filter statistics.

These statistics are very helpful as a tool to determine if your filter is effective. The display will tell you the number of contact records in the database and the number of contact records in the filtered group of the active filter. As an example, if you know that you have about 15% of your contact records with an address in California and the display says that there are 100,000 contact records you would expect the filtered contact record count to be near 15,000. If it is wildly different you might wish to recheck your filter criteria and or view the filtered contact records to see if you can determine any problems with your criteria. The filter is only as good as the data and the selection of your criteria.

To close the data layout screen, Press Enter

For more information about this screen try