Function Keys

ActionWare assigns the most important commands to function keys. These are the keys that begin with an F and appear in a row at the top of your keyboard or on a keypad usually to the right of your keyboard. Commands assigned to the function keys appear at the bottom of a screen in what's called the ring menu.

Note: Functions keys are often called command keys as well.

Several function key commands are universal throughout the program and are listed below




Exits out of your current procedure. Exits out of ActionWare when you are viewing the contact record screen


Cancels the current procedure and returns you to the previous screen


Displays more function key command assignments in the ring menu, if there are any

While your keyboard might provide 12 function keys (F1 through F12), ActionWare expands their functionality by letting you use the Shift key with selected function keys. We denote these keys in our documentation as F13 to F24. Hold down the Shift key while you press F1 thru 12.

The menu appearing at the bottom of an ActionWare screen contains a ring menu. This means that there are more function key commands available than can be displayed in the space at the bottom. Use F24 to move through the entire function key command menu. Each use of F24 on the ring menu will take you in a circular motion through all of the available function key commands.