KID Menu

The KID menu lists all records within a specific PID group starting with data layout 2 and than data layout 3 records. The data in the COM filed appears at the top of the screen along with the PID field information. To access the KID menu from any contact record Press: K

For the displays record information you can view the following data:

An action code is also available to perform the following actions with your desired record. Key the appropriate action code in the prompt provided and press enter. The action codes available are:




Displays selected record and starts Dial process creating a TELE outbound pending activity


Displays selected record and starts Take process creating a TELE inbound pending activity


Opens selected record in Change mode


Opens add new unrelated activity pop-up window for selected record


Opens wordprocessing menu for selected record


Displays Panels 1 through 8 for selected record (panel 8 is no longer supported)

Database Information: You can view statistics about the current database using the Information command. This can be very valuable if you call technical support.

To view statistics Press: I (as in Information) This opens an Information screen with statistics

This screen displays general information about the current database, any filter that is active, and other statistics. At the top of the screen you can view the current user and current version/level of ActionWare.

You can view the following information:

To open the data layout screen, Press: F14

This command will display your current database design with field ID's rather than data. All field ID's (field names) are 3 characters long. If a field is less than three characters long you will need to position your cursor on that field and Press F10 to view the entire field ID.

You can change data layouts by pressing F13 (data layout 1), F14 (data layout 2, F15 (data layout 3). Using F11 will allow you to rotate through all existing Panels.

To close the data layout screen, Press Enter