Running Filters

To run a filter from a list of existing filters use option 1 Select from the Select/Maintain Filter screen and Press Enter. The filter will sort through all of the contact records in the database and when it has finished you will see only those contact records that meet the defined criteria displayed for your use. The View and Sequence of the database has been automatically updated to View: FILTER TYPE- 1 and Sequence: PID. The View and Sequence information is found in the top bar on the screen of the contact record. In addition to these changes you will also see the Filter ID (name of the filter) displayed in the bar directly to the right of the Sequence information. You can now move forward and backward through the filtered group of records. They are displayed in alphabetical order by PID if no other sort value exists. If your filter was defined to look for all the contact records in California you would now only be moving forward and backward through all of the contact records with the State of California in the STA (State) field. You can define your filter to look for any data in any field. You can also filter on activity data or any combination of contact data and activity data.

If you know the name of your Filter you do not have to use the list and option 1 Select to run it. An alternate way of running a filter is to use O (Other Options) F (run a filter) and key the Filter ID (name) into the space provided, Press Enter and the filter will run.