ToDo List

The ToDo list is often used to start your working day. The list is accessed by using V (View) and T (ToDo). The screen display lists all pending activities for the target. It details Priority, Date, Start/End times, Type of Activity, Method of Activity, PID data, SID data, Author of the activity, Code if any, and Version of the activity. It is sorted in chronological date format with Priority A, B, C in order with A 1st. Any overdue pending activities are highlighted in red. You use the ToDo list by placing your cursor at the top activity or any desired starting activity and pressing enter. The activity programs automatically sequence the ToDo activities so that you can move F (forward) or B (backward) through the list an display each contact record with a pending activity for that target. Once an activity is completed it will be automatically removed from the ToDo List.

There are other lists available also. They are:


How to Display:


Authored ToDo

V (View) A (Authored)

Displays all authored pending activities


V (View) M (Message)

Displays all new urgency message activities


V (View) C (Completed)

Displays all completed activities by target