Types of Contact Records

ActionWare provides for three different types of contact records. The three contact record types are:

  1. Company record: Contains information about companies.

  2. Multipurpose record: Contains a variety of information including information about products or projects.

  3. Person record: Contains information about an individual who works at a company, with a product, or on a project.

These three levels of contact records are organized into a hierarchy. The company record is the top level contact record, and it can contain one or more subsets of multipurpose records, or second level contact records. It can also contain one or more person records, or third level contact records.

The major advantage for organizing a database this way is to gain increased complexity without sacrificing speed. Providing three different contact record types in the same database lets you enter more complex information than you can into a database with only one type of contact record. Combining them all into the same file or table relieves ActionWare from having to juggle separate files simultaneously and waste resources communicating between the different files.

It is not necessary for users to understand how ActionWare processes data. It is, however, an advantage for a user to understand all the features in the program and how they can be used.