User Trail

This search function will need to be setup by your System Administrator. Once setup it is a very effective tool for locating a Contact record that you may have viewed for more than 10 seconds during your current session. When used the User Trial offers a listing of every Contact Record that you have viewed for at least 10 seconds so that you may select one of them to view. It is a powerful search function especially if all you remember about the contact was the general time you viewed it.

An example of this need would be if viewed a customer's record say at 9am and didn't take any action other than to review the data. The same customer calls a little later in the day and although you recognize the name of the company you can't quite understand the accent of the person talking or can you remember exactly how to spell the customer's company name. You do know that you spent some time viewing that very Contact record this morning at around 9am. Simply using G (GoTo) and U (User Trail) will display a screen full of all Contact records that you viewed in time stamp order. Scroll or roll to approximately 9am and you can select the desired Contact record with ease. You won't have to embarrass yourself by asking your customer to spell their company name so that you can speak with knowledge to him or her.

This User Trial is dynamic meaning that it is rebuilt everytime that you sign on to ActionWare. It is for GoTo or search purposes only and can't be used as data for reports.