Using Listboxes

Listboxes are designed to make it easier to enter information into selected fields, they may also be used where the choice of information is limited or needs to be specific. For example, when you want to enter a state name in the State field, you can use a listbox to display a list of US Postal Code state names. Each State has been assigned the standard two-digit postal code. This is the only ActionWare listbox that is distributed. All other listboxes must be created by the System Administrator or designated user. You access listboxes while in Change mode. When your cursor is in an assigned field, and you press F4 to display the listbox.

There is a one character index for all listbox data. For example if you are searching for a particular State in the State field listbox you could scroll (roll) down till you found the one you needed or you could press the 1st letter of the desired State. The listbox will resort to display all of the States beginning with the letter you chose. To select data simply move your cursor to the desired value and press enter. If your System Administrator decides to use extended functions on Validate Data and Forced Entry in listboxes. You will automatically have the listbox displayed and you will be required to choose a value entry from the listbox before completely Change mode. Validate Data and Forced Entry can also be setup as separate functions. Validate Data means that you must choose a value from the listbox and NOT type a value free form. Forced Entry means that you must choose a value from the listbox or type a value free form.