How to SEND an iSeries (AS/400) UDB File via Email

The ActionWare Field file is used as the example, because this is the file most commonly transported, but this procedure will work for any file. Take into account the size of the file if transporting one of the larger files, eg CUST, TRAN, ACTB, ACTC, or ACTH.

On an iSeries (AS/400) command line, enter the command AW4LM to get to the ActionWare Main Menu.

Enter the command:


The iSeries (AS/400) should give you this successful completion message.

"File member copied to PC document FIEL.TXT. "

The file is now available in PC format to be sent to ActionWare. The method used here describes sending it as an email attachment.

To send the file via email, it needs to be accessible from the computer you are going to use to send the email. If that computer can access the I: drive, you don't need to copy the file to diskette.

Otherwise, you will need copy the file to a PC diskette. Assuming standard network drive naming conventions have been used, the PC command to do this copy is:

*** OR ***

Of course you can use Windows Explorer to do the copy. You will find the file on the I: drive in folder I:\AW4 or I:\QDLS\AW4 depending on how your Network Drive is configured.

Then prepare an email. Address it to "". Add the file FIEL.TXT as an attachment to that email.

How to RECEIVE an iSeries (AS/400) UDB File via Email

At the receiving end, save the attached file to a Network Drive. Then enter this command:


The iSeries (AS/400) should give you this successful completion message.

"PC document copied to physical file member."


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