How to SEND an iSeries (AS/400) Save File via Email


These instructions have been written for internal use by ActionWare development personnel. However by reading between the lines they can be used more generically in a different environment to prepare and send a file containing one or more iSeries (AS/400) objects. This file can then be sent as an email attachment, or via FTP.

These instructions use two different iSeries (AS/400)'s, note that using one iSeries (AS/400) works just as well. It just so happens that using two was more compatible with the environment at ActionWare.

IN the instructions which follow, you will need to substitute some of the names used with your equivalent name. Here is a list of the ActionWare specific names and what they represent:

APP21 is the name of the ActionWare development iSeries (AS/400).
JCONFIG is the name of the folder to which the J: drive is mapped.
UTEMP is the name of a temporary work library.
APPINTEC is the name of another iSeries (AS/400) which has a drive mapped as letter J:
V3R2M0 is the oldest version of OS/400 supported by ActionWare.

CHGMOO and CHGAPA are iSeries (AS/400) commands which perform the functions described.


On the development iSeries (AS/400) (APP21), create a temporary library named AWTEMP and compile or copy the objects for distribution to it. IMPORTANT- Ensure the objects are created with a Target Release of V3R2M0.

Run command CHGMOO QDFTOWN AWTEMP to change ownership of all objects and the library itself to QDFTOWN.

Run command CHGAPA AWTEMP to change public authority of all objects to *ALL.

Create the save file on APP21 in library UTEMP named AWTEMP:


Save the contents of library AWTEMP into the save file:


FTP the save file to the root of the J: drive on APPINTEC, name it AWTEMP. (Note- this can be any drive addressable from APP21, it does not have to be on a different iSeries (AS/400))

From a 5250 session command line on APP21 ....

When requested, sign on with your user id and password, then ....

cd /
put utemp/awtemp /qdls/jconfig/awtemp

The file is now ready to be sent. It can be sent from a PC Email client such as Outlook Express as a file attachment (preferred method), or it can be sent directly from the iSeries (AS/400).


This is the preferred method.

The PC file created above needs to be accessible at the PC you are going to use to send the email. If the iSeries (AS/400) folder where you stored it is mapped to that PC, then the file is directly accessible. Otherwise use some other method to get the file to the email PC. A floppy diskette is usually the easiest method.

Launch the email program, open a new message, type a short note to the recipient, and attach the file in the normal manner.

Address the email and click Send.

Congratulations! You have finished the task. You can go home now!!!


This section assumes the iSeries (AS/400) is configured for this function and has access to the internet.

On an APPINTEC session, use command WRKFLR, navigate to folder JCONFIG, locate file AWTEMP, use option 8 to change the text (this becomes the subject of the email), then use option 10 to send the file via email. You have the option of using F9 to add key a short message to the recipient.

Assuming the recipient is using a PC email client, such as Eudora, or Netscape, or Outlook Express, the short message will be received as the email, and the file AWTEMP will be an attachment to the email.

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