How to RESTORE an iSeries (AS/400) Save File Received via Email

These instructions describe how to receive a PC file named AWTEMP.SAV from ActionWare, save it to your PC's hard drive, use FTP to send it to a Save File on the iSeries (AS/400), then finally how to restore it as a library named AWTEMP on your iSeries (AS/400).

File Transfer Protocol (FTP) is an internet protocol available on virtually every platform, including the iSeries (AS/400).

Sending the file to the iSeries (AS/400) requires that the FTP server is active on the iSeries (AS/400). If you do not know if the FTP server is active, or how to activate it, discuss it with your iSeries (AS/400) administrator.

On rare occasions we may send you a file with a different name than AWTEMP.SAV. If so, ActionWare support personnel will ensure you are aware of this. In this case, whereever the character string AWTEMP appears throughout this document, simply replace it with the other name. In the cases where AWTEMP is used with a suffix, you must continue to use the same suffix with the other file name.

Receive the email and its attached file with your usual email program, for example Outlook Express. Save the attached file to your PC's hard drive, store it (for example) in the C:\TEMP directory.

Depending on the email program you are using, it will probably offer to name the file AWTEMP.SAV. If it prompts you with a different name, or with no suffix, or a different suffix, either change the name on the Save prompt, or rename it immediately afterwards, to "AWTEMP.SAV".

The next step is to use FTP to send the file to the iSeries (AS/400).

It is assumed you are using a PC running Windows 95/98/2000 or NT which has the capability of FTP'ing a file to the iSeries (AS/400). If this is not so, you will need to transport the received file by some means to a PC which does have this capability. Any method, including using a floppy diskette, is acceptable.

The instructions below assume the file is named AWTEMP.SAV and that it is currently located in directory C:\TEMP on the C: drive.

You are now ready to start the process of copying the file to the iSeries (AS/400).

On the iSeries (AS/400) session, create a save file in library AW4L named AWTEMP:


Under Windows 95/98/2000 or NT, go to a Command Prompt Window.

Use FTP to copy the file from C:\TEMP\AWTEMP.SAV to the save file just created in library AW4L

FTP xxxxxxxx (where xxxxxx is the URL or IP address of your iSeries (AS/400))
Sign on when requested, using your user id and password.

Enter the following FTP commands:


(1) Depending on the browser you are using to view these instructions, it may not be obvious that the CD line has a space before the back slash, and the "put" line has two spaces.

(2) After you enter the "put" command, if you made a keying mistake, or there is some other reason why the file was not copied, the FTP program does NOT give you an error message. Therefore, you must look for positive messages that the file was actually copied. After a successful copy, the FTP program displays statistics about how many bytes were transferred. If you don't see these statistics, then the file was not copied, and you must takes steps to find out why.

cd  /
put  c:\temp\awtemp.sav  /qsys.lib/aw4l.lib/awtemp.file

Go back to the iSeries (AS/400) session. The save file now exists in library AW4L.

The next step is to restore library AWTEMP from the save file.

Check to ensure a library named AWTEMP does not already exist:


If it does, rename or delete it.


Now restore the library from the Save File:


After this command finishes executing, expect to get the completion message shown below. Any other message indicates a problem occurred, and you must takes steps to find out what went wrong.
(The object count 17 is used here for example only, and will be different in your case.) "17 objects restored from AWTEMP to AWTEMP."

Library AWTEMP has now been restored to the iSeries (AS/400). The objects in the library must now be used to update the ActionWare product.

The instructions up to this point have been generic.

You must now follow ActionWare's separate instructions on how to proceed from this point for the specific fix we have sent you. These will normally be sent separately, or in a simple case an ActionWare support person may simply tell you over the phone what it is you need to do with the contents of library AWTEMP.

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Last Updated May, 2005