ActionWare is a total Relationship Management system for the iSeries (AS/400) designed to give you quick access to all the information you need about the people you deal with. This lets you easily manage all your contacts whether by telephone, letter, email or fax. ActionWare is designed for customers in any industry who have the need to manage a database of Contacts and Activities for:

* Prospecting * Lead Generation & Tracking
* Telemarketing * Sales and Marketing
* Customer Services * Help Desk Support
* Administration * Internal Management


Data Manager for all business contacts

Complete Activity Manager

Campaign Management

Complete on-line fax and email capabilities

Comprehensive ERP application interfaces

Application Uses

ActionWare supports sales lead tracking, account management, campaign management, sales force opportunity management and customer service operations. The ActionWare data record tracks each step of the marketing and sales process from the initial contact with the prospect to closing the order. Identified steps in your sales process can be setup as predetermined activity plans ensuring that required user steps are reinforced by automated user processes. Customized steps may be easily created using hot key or automatic programming exits.

Using the power of the iSeries (AS/400) relational database and an open design in the ActionWare data manager, it is possible to link intelligently with the business systems for a complete view of the customer's activities. Fields in the ActionWare database are totally user-definable and have a listbox with suggested or required data values that match YOUR environment.

Users can easily schedule calls and planned activities, working from a daily TODO List to perform tasks. If an employee is out for the day, their TODO List can be viewed by a manager or performed by a backup person, ensuring promises are kept.

Completed activities provide a complete audit trail that can be analyzed by company, by type or by user for time utilization, campaign results. The Activity manager ensures that promises can be kept, items followed up on, and individuals can stay focused on the priority tasks that will get results.

This means you can keep more balls in the air and drop none. It also means consistent keeping of promises and keeping customers happy and loyal.

Who Uses ActionWare?

ActionWare streamlines your office operations and the managing of your business contacts. It offers dramatic productivity improvements for your entire office staff with a central information source for sales people, executives, secretaries, customer service representatives, brokers, dealers, agents, receptionists, clerks and anyone else who deals with people.

Powerful and flexible, ActionWare is just as useful for general office workers and business managers as it is for dedicated call-center agents and supervisors. With ActionWare, ONE system can span the enterprise, with ONE database of Contacts and ONE place to see what has happened to a specific customer. FINALLY, ActionWare provides a system that gives you a single view of the customer and lets all your employees "speak with one voice".

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