ActionWare Developer’s Kit

ActionWare provides a number of methods to exit to other business applications. These range from a simple hot key exit to print a custom report, to conditional edits on a specific field, to a fully integrated link between two applications.

The ActionWare exits allow a wide range of customization without disturbing the basic product operation. The use of these "Application Program Interface " (API) exits:

There are three types of API exits in ActionWare:

The Basic User Exit (Type 1) consists of Hot-Key user-initiated exits which then executes user provided program based on the data shown on the screen. This type of exit is often used by the ActionWare to provide users access to special customized or extended functions.

The Automatic Update Exit (Type 2) is a program that can intercept the edit process when a record is added, changed or deleted in ActionWare. This is used to capture changes made by the user to synchronize multiple master data files or to perform special edits based on field values (beyond the standard Listbox edits supported by ActionWare).

The Integrated Application Link (Type 3) provides an exit which can be configured to intelligently link the ActionWare record to up to 8 external applications (or application entry points) on the system. The application link uses group jobs and includes a special implementation of The Type 2 exit to synchronize data between ActionWare and the other applications on the system.

The Developer’s Kit provides the necessary building blocks to create a Type 3 fully integrated interface between ActionWare and the application of your choice. The Toolkit includes source code samples, mapping and user control files, and programmer documentation on how to implement this interface with other business applications on the iSeries (AS/400). Some application interfaces have already been built for some of the popular iSeries (AS/400) primary business systems.

An application Interface may be created between ActionWare and any other product running on the iSeries (AS/400).

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