ActionWare History

Our company wanted to walk and chew gum at the same time.

...To perform multiple tasks, simultaneously.

...And keep track of it all, accurately.

Trouble was, we couldn't find anything on the market that would run on our mid-range IBM system. (Anything that we liked, anyway.) So we created our own Contact & Relationship Management (CRM) system.

And ActionWare was born.

A year after using the software internally-- with great success -- it dawned on us that we could probably market it for the IBM iSeries (AS/400).

Our first license was in 1989. We soon discovered that people liked ActionWare. They liked it a lot. In fact, so much so, that we decided to turn away from every other area of our business...and focus solely on ActionWare & related services. Before we knew it, we had worldwide licenses of our product in the expanding category of Contact & Relationship Management (CRM).


To manage customer information.
To manage unfolding opportunities.
To manage promises kept.


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