ActionWare for Enterprise-Wide

Customer Relationship Management

Today’s business world strives for greater customer service and a better way to reach qualified leads. Building and maintaining a lasting relationship through the entire customer lifecycle is a number one concern. But achieving these goals requires more than just a dedicated sales staff. All who deal with the customer must be totally aware of the current account status, prime concerns and most recent interactions, ensuring that the customer is treated consistently well by the entire team.

ActionWare Enterprise-Wide Customer Relationship Management provides an environment for the user that supports this total customer concept. From lead identification, through the sales process to final contract, and from first order to major account status - ActionWare keeps track of the customer in a single database, with separate or combined views as needed.

This powerful single view of your customer makes it possible to work with the account from any level in the organization. And to be consistent in what is said to anyone from that account, giving everyone in your organization the ability to "Speak With One Voice, Think With One Mind".


The traditional "customer" no longer exists - everyone in the organization has "customers" that needs the service or product.

Everyone you do business with depends upon their relationship with you.

Now it’s possible for everybody in every department to work together as a team - marketing, selling and supporting the customer. Less effort will be wasted. Less time will be spent understanding what the account status is and why, allowing more time to be spent servicing customer needs, growing existing accounts and closing new accounts.

ActionWare Functions for Enterprise-wide CRM

ActionWare standard functions support the everyday power user as well as those who use it "every-so-often" to look up customer information:

  • Intuitive commands make ActionWare easy to learn, easy to use, and easy to depend on.
  • ActionWare provides a one-stop database for customers and prospects combining both account data and activity history.
  • The user-definable database is set up to reflect your business profile and sales cycle.
  • Quick search options find a person or company fast.
  • Easy text entry captures the representative’s notes about the account or about the call.
  • The ActionWare Activity Manager captures a record of what action the employee is taking as it is done, making performance measurement and analysis of day-to-day business processes much easier. Users are prompted for the next action after every phone call to make sure the next step happens.
  • ActionWare filters help users focus on a specific group of accounts: by territory, by product, by lead source, by forecast status, etc. Filters are also used to select contacts for call campaigns or mass mailings.
  • Group productivity tools such as standard letters, links to faxing and e-mail, easy-entry notes and automatic activities make it easier to respond to customer and prospect requirements as a team.
  • Standard and ad hoc reporting is available via IBM's Query for the iSeries or one of the PC linkage products (RUMBA/Showcase) along with PC-based report tools such as Excel.
  • ActionWare provides an information and business commitment clearinghouse to better service your customers and to win more business.
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    ActionWare Activity Panel:

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