ActionWare for Marketing

and Lead Management

While there are many elements to a successful marketing program, few are as important as having a steady stream of new leads entering the sales cycle for qualification.

Marketing and Lead Management typically focuses on the information going to the marketplace about your products, services and company, the results produced by specific marketing activities, and the identification of leads that can be qualified and sold to by the sales force.

The business activities here include tracking lead sources (advertising, product literature, direct mail, purchased lists of leads, trade shows, etc.). Performing marketing surveys (telephone or mail-in), telemarketing for lead identification and qualification (pre-sales tasks), and measuring the success rate versus costs of each form of marketing for your company in your industry.

Marketing applications need

  • Information gathering processes so that all key information needed for the next sales step is collected during the phone call.
  • ActionWare Marketing and Lead Management Functions

    The ActionWare Contact Manager is the key source of information about leads and customers. The user-definable screens ensure that ActionWare accurately reflects your customer profile. If you purchase names from list vendors in your industry, you can load them into ActionWare and then begin the qualification process.

    Filters and Campaign Management provide an easy way to segment your total lead database, focusing on those that meet certain criteria and then scheduling one or more actions for that defined group of leads.

    The ActionWare Activity Manager handles both the scheduled and completed actions from marketing campaigns and lead qualification tasks. The who, what and when is tracked automatically for each action as it occurs. This detailed action history makes it easier to determine what worked and what did not in the marketing phase.

    ActionWare for Marketing & Lead Management is just the solution for your marketing needs.

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    ActionWare Activity Panel: