ActionWare for Sales Force Automation

and Account Management


Knowing what lead is where in the sales cycle is what Sales Management is all about. Ensuring that each member of the sales force, regardless of where they are located, has access to lead and customer information and tools to assist them in the sales process is what Sales Force Automation is all about.

ActionWare for Sales Force Automation will do all this for you and more.

As each sales step is achieved, the action is logged and automatically included in the daily, weekly or monthly sales team reports. For longer sales cycles or repetitive sales for consumable products, ActionWare pays more attention to pipeline management and ongoing account management such as tracking competition, level, size and value of the customer, current status in your sales cycle, key decision maker, etc.

Sales Management covers the typical sales force organization across most industries:

Inside Sales, Outside Sales. Telemarketing/Telesales, Account Management, Channel Management, Key or Major Account Management, etc

ActionWare for Sales Representatives

ActionWare for Sales Managers

Account Activity Handling and Tracking


Across all these functions within the Sales Team, ActionWare serves as the coordination point for all information known about a prospect or customer, with the notes and history of what has happened since they became an identified lead.

ActionWare is your Customer Relationship Management Sales Tool if you are looking for:

Performance Convenience Versatility Appearance

ActionWare Data Layout 1:

ActionWare Activity Panel:

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