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Better Ways to Manage Customer Relationships & Share Knowledge.

Since 1986, ActionWare has been a leading developer of CRM software solutions.

Our award-winning family of CRM products -- the iSeries (AS/400) based ActionWare, and our add-on product ActionWareGUI , have helped hundreds of companies in many industries create a very important vision:


A single view of the customer.

ActionWare CRM solutions:
  • Customer Service
  • Marketing
  • Sales Force Automation
  • Call Center Management
  • Enterprise-Wide Communication
  • Technical Support Management
  • and much more!

ActionWare provides a corporate standard for capturing and sharing customer information on a real-time basis.

Your company will work more collaboratively, efficiently, and effectively..
We call this concept Customer Relationship Management (CRM).


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Updated May 23, 2005