ActionWare CRM Solutions


ActionWare is the complete Contact & Activity Management system for quick & easy access to the information you need about customers, vendors, business partners - in short, those people who matter to you and your business.

ActionWare lets you easily manage all your phone, fax, e-mail, or snail mail contact information - create them, send them, file them, and easily FIND them later on...

ActionWare is used today by departments across the enterprise that deal with CUSTOMERS. In the CRM marketplace, there are many systems available for specific departments -

Sales ... Customer Services ... Marketing ... Accounting ... etc.

Some of these competitive CRM systems even provide 2 or 3 separate modules that work standalone and exchange or share data as needed so you can work across the enterprise.

What makes ActionWare unique against the competition is the way in which it handles

Enterprise-wide CRM data sharing needs.

ActionWare starts with the assumption that all CRM users within an organization should work with the same base data, secured by the appropriate right to know.

...If a change or an update is made by one person, it is immediately available to the next person working with the account.

...If a collections call is made by Accounts Receivable to the AP person, the rep placing a regular checkup call a while later can incorporate that need to pay the bill as part of the conversation.

...If a major proposal is being presented to a key customer by sales, tech support can be aware of it and provide that "little extra" that underscores the quality of service that customer receives.

This is only possible when the customer information is in a central database and each user who needs to speak with the customer contacts sees enough of the interactions to work intelligently with that person rather than treading blindly down a CRM path of thorns and potholes.

ActionWare provides the software functions needed to work with contacts and to create/track activities. These are the same functions used again and again across customer departments. HOW they are used and WHAT data is collected during each ACTION is what makes the difference between sales, customer services, tech support, etc. usage of ActionWare.

Now all CRM users within an organization can learn the software once, and then use it as appropriate for their current task or job functions. The following links have more information on how ActionWare is used at the department level:

Sales Force Automation

Customer Services

Lead Management


ActionWare can help YOU and your team members manage your

Customer Relationships better.