Customer Relationship Solutions

for the Millennium


Does the right hand at your company KNOW what the left hand is doing - especially when dealing with your customers? Have you ever lost a deal with an existing customer because accounting tried to collect a late payment while your deal was in final negotiations?

ActionWare is the complete Contact & Activity Management system for quick & easy access to the information you need about customers, vendors, business partners - in short, those people who matter to you and your business. ActionWare lets you easily manage all your phone, fax, e-mail, or regular mail contact information - create them, send them, file them, and easily FIND them later on...

Application Solutions

ActionWare is used by any department that deals with CUSTOMERS, especially


Customer Services


Enterprise-wide CRM


ActionWare can help YOU and your team members manage your Customer Relationships better.


The ActionWare Family of Products

ActionWare runs on the IBM iSeries (AS/400) server system which provides a safe, secure, and easily expandable environment for your enterprise customer data.

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